About Us

Introducing CemFinder™ from Jersey Shore Technology. Our latest Kiosk, is designed specifically to be used as a search device for cemeteries and also allows the input of information on the deceased.

Visiting the final resting place of a loved one can be a difficult experience and an arduous task, especially true for the families of the deceased. CemFinder™ is the easiest, most intuitive memorial finding kiosk on the market. Designed behind the simple methodology that less is more, CemFinder™ uses a simple, easy to use interface that allows people from anywhere to find their deceased.

Our user-friendly search is the keystone of CemFinder™. We understand that visiting a cemetery is not just done by next of kin. Some visitors might persue finding a long-lost ancestor, with perhaps limited information. Our advanced search system allows specialty data input such as their name, ensuring that no matter who you are looking for, you will find them.

Administer a single cemetery with a few hundred plots up to hundreds of locations with millions of decedents quickly and effectively. We have the capabilities to build a program to meet your needs with pictures, biography, flower service and much more.